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Triple 5 Wealth Management was established in 2005 to provide independent, comprehensive financial advice to a select group of discerning high net worth individuals and institutions, with a focus on international investors currently residing in or moving to the United States. Triple 5 is a multi-cultural organization, operating in three languages – English, Spanish and Hebrew – and a leader in the international investment community.

As Fiduciaries, Triple 5 has your Best Interests & Financial Goals in Mind

Unlike traditional brokerage firms, Triple 5 does not sell products and remuneration comes only from our clients. There are never any hidden trading fees or charges simply because we do not profit from the trading or custody of securities – there are no surprises with Triple 5. This complements the honest, unbiased financial advice from registered professionals who have your best interests and personal financial goals in mind.

Multiple Languages and Cultural Understanding

Your Triple 5 advisor not only has broad wealth management experience, but is also fluent in your language. Whether in English, Spanish or Hebrew, your Triple 5 advisor understands your cultural mindset and guides your investments accordingly.

Our History with Hamsa

Hamsa (from the Semitic root “5”) has been used for centuries as a symbol of good luck. The positive energy of the Hamsa brings health, happiness, and prosperity to the home. A common Hebrew saying, Hamsa, Hamsa, Hamsa is used to wish someone good luck, hence the name Triple 5 Wealth Management, which was founded on 5/5/05.

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