The Triple 5 Philosophy and Values


At Triple 5 we pride ourselves on our ability to work with any of the thousands of funds and investment firms in the marketplace. This enables us to maintain our independent viewpoint and a 100% focus on what is best for our clients. This assures all our clients that they’re in the best, most stable of financial institutions. Our clients are successful Entrepreneurs, Executives and other High Net Worth Individuals, Families, Trusts, or Foundations. They have United States legal residency status or are in the process of obtaining it.


As a Registered Investment Advisor, our mission is to provide you with unbiased advice and guidance. We are an autonomous group and are not affiliated directly or indirectly with any specific financial or investment provider in order to avoid any perceived conflict of interest. We will oversee your portfolio design and management, and, when appropriate, utilizing our network of extensive strategic relationships refer you to specialists in areas such as money management, tax advice, trust and estate planning, or alternative investment, depending on your needs. Your Triple 5 advisor not only has broad wealth management experience, but is also fluent in your language and your culture.

Human Hands-On Approach

Most of our clients have second or third homes in other countries, usually their country of birth, and businesses in one or a multitude of countries. Avi Nahum and his seasoned team of highly qualified wealth management professionals believe in the human, hands-on approach, and creating long-lasting relationships with each client.

Personal Chief Financial Officer

Your Triple 5 advisor acts as your personal Chief Financial Officer and takes the time to understand your individual goals and develop personal risk and reward guidelines to be used as benchmarks. Honesty and integrity is evident at every step of the investment relationship: from the confidential handling of information, to the selection of only appropriate investments – with no interference or influence from any outside source, to the clear and easy-to-understand fee structure.

At Triple 5 we follow a simple pre-defined 5 step process for all of our clients. Click Here to Learn More.

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